Project: Brand Identity for a new blog website. I developed a style sheet and designed 3 logo variants, a collection of icons, and website banner for the client.
Client: Dr. Charles van Rees, author of the Gulo In Nature blog
Naturalist and Conservation Scientist Charles van Rees has an insatiable hunger for knowledge, so it's fitting that he's named his nature blog after the voracious wolverine (Gulo gulo), whose name is derived from the Latin word for "glutton."
The Gulo in Nature blog is written for the everyday, nature-curious reader. Visitors are drawn into the site with an illustrative landscape banner featuring a variety of ecosystems and 11 animal species (can you find them all?). The landscape transitions into a naturalist's sketchbook - a nod to the natural history illustrations of 19th century naturalists (e.g. Darwin, Haeckel, Audubon).
Gulo's logo is a high-contrast, navy and white wolverine. This curious fellow is examining his surroundings with a magnifying glass and represents both the blog author and his readers.
Brand Design, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Graphics, Landscape Illustration

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